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North American Division

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Animal Camouflage
Skill Level
Approval Authority
North American Division
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Explore how and why animals alter their appearance so they are difficult to see. Choose from a variety of activities to demonstrates these concepts.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

4. Do three of the following projects:

a. Create a game based on animal camouflage and play it with a group.

b. Write and tell a children’s story with an animal camouflage theme.

c. Create a poster or display showing at least four different environments with animals that might be camouflaged in each.

d. Create a display of pictures you have taken or drawn of 5 different animals in camouflage.

e. Spend a minimum of ½ hour observing an animal which uses camouflage (in its natural setting, if possible) and write a report on your observations.

f. Create a children’s book with illustrations about animal camouflage.

g. Participate in a panel discussion about the use of animal camouflage giving specific examples and details and type of hiding it uses.

h. Create a scale model creative animal and habitat showing how it can hide in nature.

i. Make a scrapbook of the four animal camouflage types (see #3) and pictures of five animals in each of those types.

j. Using multi-media, create a presentation about animal camouflage.

k. Create your own project (submit it for approval from your Club Director before starting).