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1. Why are bats classified as mammals and not birds?

2. What is the main characteristic that separates bats from all other mammals?

3. What is the name of the order that bats belong to and what does it mean?

4. What are the largest and smallest bats and where do they live?

5. How many different types of bats are there worldwide?

6. Bats are divided into two (2) suborders. What are their names?

7. Which suborder of bats uses echolocation and which suborder uses eyesight to find their food?

8. What is the diet of the Megabats?

9. What is the diet of the Microbats?

10. How many babies does a bat have each year and what are the babies called?

11. Find three Bible texts that mention bats.

12. Do bats hibernate or migrate for the winter?

13. Name the parts of a bat.

14. How many insects can a bat eat in an hour?

15. What are the two (2) main benefits bats provide for man?

16. Build or purchase a bat box, know the best place to put it and install it at a home, church, or your school. Record for 3 months what kind and how many bats have made it their home.