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Bible Evangelism

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Approval authority

General Conference

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Bible Evangelism
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Be in at least the eighth grade.

2. Go on a visit with your pastor to a Bible study, a hospital visit, and a visit to a church member.

3. Arrange with your pastor to attend a church board meeting and a church business meeting. Make a written report of your visits to both meetings.

4. List the steps in church organization from the member to the General Conference and know their relationship to each other.

5. Find out what your church spends money on and what percentage of the budget goes to what expenses.

6. Write a report of an interview with your pastor in which you asked him the following questions:

a. What is your daily routine like?
b. What is your weekly routine like?
c. What education is required to become a minister?
d. What education outside of theology would complement a minister?
e. From what source is the pastor paid?
f. What is the most rewarding part of your ministry?
g. What is the hardest part of your ministry?
h. What are beneficial vocations for a pastor's wife to have?
i. How did you know that God called you to the ministry?
j. How would I know if God were calling me to the ministry?
k. How do you do soul winning?
l. How does evangelism enter into your soul winning?
m. What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about becoming a minister?

7. Do two of the following:

a. Participate in the presentation of a youth evangelistic series.

b. Give two Bible studies.

c. Make four hospital visits, presenting a devotional thought and prayer at each one.

d. Give a sermon of at least 20 minutes in length.

e. Give two evening and two morning devotionals for a camp out.

f. Give devotional worships for five days at a school.

g. Earn the Pathfinder Evangelism Award.

i. Be a Pathfinder or Staff Member.

ii. Attend at least ten meetings. (Evangelistic meetings, Daniel or Revelation Seminars. If less than 10 are conducted, attend at least two-thirds of them.)

iii. Participate at each of the meetings attended.

iv. Wear your Pathfinder full-dress uniform (including scarf & sash) while participating.

v. Participate in at least four of the following:
a. Be an usher.
b. Pick up the offering.
c. Assist in the children's meetings.
d. Have scripture or prayer.
e. Assist in the set-up/take-down of the meeting hall.
f. Hand out the evening programs, brochures, etc.
g. Give a testimony of what Jesus has done recently for you.
h. Be a greeter.
i. Help operate a Pathfinder booth showing what the church has for its young people.
j. Invite a guest (non-SDA) to attend the meetings and host him throughout the evenings.
k. Prepare a baked-goods table (breads, etc.) to share as gifts or samples for the attendees.
l. Contact at least ten (10) individuals by phone or in person inviting them to attend the meetings.
m. Participate in at least two Bible studies with at least one "interest."

8. Through Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White study and learn how Jesus treated crowds of people in ministering to them.

9. Show that you have a personal daily devotional life for at least six months.