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Biblical Archaeology

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Biblical Archaeology
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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You're really gonna DIG this honor -- learning about the artifacts that archaeologists have found that add meaning and details to our favorite Bible stories. Even better, you get to create your own personalized "backyard dig"! (Note, this honor aligns with the 5th grade Encounter Bible Curriculum)

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

11. Do one of the following:

a. Assemble a simple model of Jerusalem observing the following:

i. Relief

ii. Different perimeters of the city in the time of the First Temple (David and Solomon), of the Second Temple (Herod and Jesus Christ) and the current Jerusalem

iii. The major archaeological sites

iv. The main points of religious visitation

b. Simulate an archaeological dig (often referred to online as a “schoolyard dig”). Either set up the dig OR participate in a meaningful way at all stages of the dig process including:

i. Collecting tools

ii. Laying out the grid/area for excavation

iii. Digging

iv. Identifying artifacts

v. Identifying artifact context

vi. Recording data

vii. Assessing the importance of the dig process