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General Conference

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Cacti - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval Authority
General Conference
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Naturalist Master Award

1. Earn the Cacti honor.

2. What are succulents?

3. Identify from plants or photos five succulents that are not cacti. How are they different from cacti?

4. Know the definitions of the following terms within a cacti/succulents frame of reference.

a. Areole

b. Cephalium

c. Coalesce

d. Corymb

e. Diurnal

f. Epiphyte

g. Glochid

h. Nocturnal

i. Offshoot

j. Panicle

k. Scale

l. Stolon

m. Zygomorphic

5. When raising succulents — including cacti — they may be attacked by maladies. What are the most common and how can you prevent or cure the problems?

6. Propagate at least one plant by using one of the following methods: from seed, by cuttings, or grafting.