AY Honor Candle Making Requirements

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Candle Making

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Candle Making
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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General Conference
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1. Make at least five of the following:

a. Free-form sand candle

b. Layered colored candle

c. Candle made in a mold

d. Ice candle

e. Dipped candle

f. Dribble-wax candle

g. Perfumed candle

h. Pair of beeswax candles

i. Floating candle

j. Candle in a container/jar

k. Decorated candle

2. Know the two kinds of wax used for candle making and their uses.

3. Know sizes of wicking and which one will burn properly in each particular candle.

4. When should a metal core wick be used?

5. Know the safety techniques of candle making.