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Christian Art of Preaching

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Approval authority

General Conference

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Christian Art of Preaching
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Discuss the reasons / benefits of earning a Christian Art of Preaching honor.

2. Define homiletic and cite your resources.

3. Define exegesis and cite your resources.

4. Investigate the meaning and history of oratory.

a. Define oratory

b. Research a few of the great speakers of Adventist history, making a brief report of:
A speaker from our early beginnings
A speaker from our modern history
A distinguished speaker in your country

c. Cite your sources.

5. Briefly describe the following, in terms of a Christian sermon:


a. Thematic sermon

b. Expository sermon

c. Textual sermon


d. Introduction

e. Body

f. Illustration

g. Call

h. Conclusion

6. Show the appropriate use of these tools:

a. Biblical dictionary

b. Biblical concordance

c. Thematic Study Bibles

d. Online sources (Bibles, dictionaries, concordances, study aids, illustrations)

7. Prepare and present a detailed outline of a sermon in writing.

8. Do one of the following activities:

a. Participate in a course on Christian preaching (obtain a certificate)

b. Preach for a church worship (turn in the sermon outline)

c. Present a brief summary on an event that the Club or the church participated in

d. Have the outline of at least ten Christian sermons

9. Participate (or have participated) in the preaching at your church (or a district church) at least four times in the period of a year.

10. Obtain, for your personal collection, a book of sermon illustrations.