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Christian Art of Preaching - Advanced

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Christian Art of Preaching - Advanced
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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General Conference
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1. Have the Christian Art of Preaching honor.

2. Examine two or more versions of the Bible that are popular in your language or area. Include:

a. Determine if they are Formal, Dynamic, or Paraphrase translations/versions.

b. Discover whether these Bibles were translated by a committee or by an individual.

c. Evaluate their accuracy, reliability and readability.

d. Respond: Discover what the original Biblical languages are. Which version do you feel is most faithful to the original Bible? Why?

e. Cite at least three verses that differ greatly from the feel of the versions mentioned in point number two. Know which translation is closest to the original Bible text.

3. Create a small collection of 25 Christian sermons, organized in a booklet format:

a. Ten of them should be your own writing.

b. The other fifteen can be written by another author.

c. The sermons should be grouped in the following categories:
Christian life/Sanctification
Return of Jesus
God’s law/Commandments

4. Preach at least five of the sermons (compiled in the previous item), using audiovisual resources or your own creative ideas.

5. Develop a collection of, at least, 15 short Bible devotionals (5-10 minutes) and use a minimum of five of them in public locations (church, mid-week Bible study group, Sabbath School, club meeting, etc.)

6. Complete one of the following items:

a. Present a series of biblical studies (at least ten presentations) to a group of people meeting in the church, in a Bible class, or in an evangelistic series.

b. Be on the preaching list of a church during the year and preach, at least, ten times; having participated in every type of worship: Friday, Saturday, and mid-week.

c. Be responsible for a period of at least six months of biblical preaching in a small group.

7. Choose two of the following areas and read a book for each one. Cite the bibliography for your instructor:

a. Art of biblical preaching

b. The use of illustrations in Christian sermons

c. Biography of a great evangelist or preacher

d. The use of the concordance and biblical references

8. Have a Bible with references and a concordance (preferably annotated). Demonstrate to an instructor or advisor that you can handle it in the correct fashion.