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Christian Visitation

Skill Level






Approval authority

North American Division

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Christian Visitation
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Define Christian Visitation.

2. As a member of the church family, what are your responsibilities with regards to other members?

3. Discuss with a group the spiritual benefits of Christian visitation from the following perspectives:

a. Spiritual Growth

b. Personal Growth

4. Discover how to utilize Christian visitation as a tool for church health and determine how your church can utilize this information.

5. Discover how your local church can create and utilize a list of sick and homebound members. With a group, discuss and evaluate the types of undertakings that are in place to address their needs.

6. Discuss with a group the biblical context of four of the following texts as they relate to Christian visitation.

a. Matthew 25:36

b. James 5:13-16

c. Galatians 5:14

d. 1 John 3:17

e. James 1:27

f. Philippians 2:4

g. Or a text of your choice

7. Briefly describe the following five main aspects of visitation:

a. Listening

b. Praying

c. Reading the Bible

d. Helping/serving

e. Presence

8. Briefly describe the following types of visitations:

a. Soul winning

b. Hospital

c. Sick

d. Homebound

e. Welcome

f. Inactive member

g. Discouraged

9. Role play two of the visitations in the previous requirement.

10. Read Matthew 9:18-35. Briefly describe the interaction Jesus had with those He encountered who were sick. What was His reaction towards them?

11. With a group, organize a special program that places emphasis on the love of Christ. Visit a facility where people would enjoy knowing that someone cares enough to come and present a program.

12. With a group, develop an effective worship experience that can minister to someone facing the following situations:
Able or unable to communicate
With or without a mental deficit

13. Briefly describe the following types of behavior required when planning your visit:

a. Go two-by-two

b. Know the names of those who will be visited

c. Be respectful and courteous

d. Be positive and affirming

e. Be sensitive and peaceful

f. Avoid verbal excessiveness

g. Be clean and neat

14. Plan and visit someone who is homebound. Use your creative worship experience developed in requirement 12.

15. Plan and visit a member of your Pathfinder club or your church who has not attended for an extended period of time.