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1. Know how to properly operate the kind of stove you have in your home. Know how to put out an oil or grease fire on your stove. Know how to prevent such a fire. Know safety precautions while cooking, including consideration of small children.

2. Know how to properly use measuring spoons, measuring cups, and if available an electric mixer, a blender, and a food processor.

3. What is meant by boiling, broiling, frying, baking, simmering, waterless cooking, and if available microwave cooking? Which are the most healthful ways of preparing common foods? Which are the most unhealthful ways?

4. Demonstrate your ability to properly prepare two different kinds of hot cereal, a healthful hot drink, and cook eggs in two different ways other than frying.

5. Prepare potatoes healthfully by two different methods.

6. Cook three other vegetables in the most healthful way.

7. Prepare a simple salad. Why do we need fresh salads in our diet?

8. Know the food pyramid guide. Why is it important that we follow the food pyramid guide in our diet every day? Make a chart for one week of the foods you eat to see if you are following the food pyramid guide.

9. Set the table properly for your family for an evening meal. Serve a balanced meal that you have planned and prepared as much as possible by yourself. Include main dish, vegetable, and salad.

10. Follow a recipe correctly in making a vegetarian entree or a vegetable casserole.

11. Start a recipe file of your own. Put into it 10 recipes of dishes you have personally prepared from entrees, vegetables, salads, and beverages.