AY Honor Copper Enameling Requirements

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Copper Enameling

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Copper Enameling
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1. Know the difference between low-temp and high-temp enameling.

2. Name the materials on which the low-temp process can be used.

3. What is the proper method of cleaning items to be enameled? Why is it important to clean items to be enameled?

4. How is copper finished to prevent tarnishing?

5. Name the tools used in enameling.

6. What heat sources can be used for low-temp enameling? What safety precautions should be followed?

7. How are pin backs and magnets attached to the back of metal pieces?

8. Make at least five items using the following techniques:

a. Swirling

b. Stencil

c. Threads

d. Mosaic

e. Scraffito