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Dog Care and Training
Skill Level
Approval Authority
General Conference
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1. Describe the steps you should take in the following areas of dog care:

a. Selection

b. Registration

c. Shots

2. Do at least two of the following:

a. Describe what can be done to remove fleas, ticks, and lice from your dog.

b. Mention some of the diseases, pests, and worms that dogs can get.

c. Explain what you should do for a dog bite.

3. Describe how to housebreak a puppy.

4. Explain in detail how you would wash a dog and care for its general hygiene.

5. Take full responsibility for feeding and watering a dog for two or three months.

6. Train your dog until you can successfully demonstrate the following:*

a. Heel: Your dog walks close to your left side and sits when you halt.

b. Figure 8: Your dog stays close to your side without sniffing people, fire hydrants, or other dogs.

c. Stand for examination: Your dog allows strangers to touch him.

d. Recall: Your dog comes when called, sits directly in front of you, and moves to your left side on command.

e. Long sit and long down: Your dog stays in either position while you attend to other business.

* If at all possible, dogs and handlers should get instructions from a qualified teacher, preferably in a class. A certificate of completion of training in any dog obedience class with a qualifying score of 170 out of the possible 200 will be accepted for this honor.