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Drawing - Advanced

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Drawing - Advanced
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1. Have the Drawing honor.

2. Using 3 different media for each, draw 3 of the following:

a. Still Life

b. Landscape

c. Cityscape

d. Seascape

e. Portrait

3. Who was Albrecht Dürer and what was his contribution to drawing?

4. Give three examples of contemporary Artists known for their drawing skills.

5. Draw a landscape using multi-media.

6. Choose one of the subjects in requirement 2, and create a drawing at least 12 x 18” in pencil. Concentrate on good perspective and depth. Then, using pencil, shade in your work with a minimum of 6-8 changes in value. Be sure to sign your work. When finished, display your work in a public venue.

7. Memorize Psalm 104:24. Discuss how this verse relates to your drawing and how can it inspire your future works of art.