AY Honor Drumming & Percussion - Advanced Requirements

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Drumming & Percussion - Advanced

Skill Level






Approval authority

North American Division

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Drumming & Percussion - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Have the Drumming & Percussion honor.

2. Demonstrate ability to keep in step with the drum corps by taking part in at least three outreach programs. (ex. Pathfinder Day, Conference or Local church sponsored event), in which one must be a parade no less than ¼ of a mile.

3. Know the Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of the rudiment families by free styling for at least 60 seconds. Your routine must contain at least 3 rudiments from each rudiment family.

5. Discuss the proper steps in tuning a drum. Demonstrate by tuning a drum from any section of your drum corps.

6. Demonstrate ability to maintain drum equipment by replacing and re-tuning a drumhead from any section of your drum corps.

7. What types of fluids or solvents are used to clean drum equipment?

8. Demonstrate ability to secure drum equipment in storage or when traveling.

9. Know the area of the drumhead to strike from each section of your drum corps.

10. Demonstrate ability to keep in step with the drum corps (with equipment) by executing the following commands:

a. Forward March

b. Right Flank March

c. Left Flank March

d. Eyes Right

e. Attention

f. Right Face

g. Left Face

h. Parade Rest

i. At Ease

j. About Face

k. To the Rear March

l. Present/Order Arms

11. Demonstrate some useful exercises used by drum corps. Be able to explain their purpose.

12. Using rudiments, create a drum cadence not previously performed. Each section of the drum corps must execute a part of the cadence.

13. Demonstrate the difference between full-step marching vs. half-step marching with regard to playing cadences.