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Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. How many different species of Eucalypts have been named in Australia?

2. Explain the following:

a. Where does the name Eucalypt come from?

b. To what family do Eucalypts belong?

3. Explain the following:

a. In what other parts of the world do Eucalypts grow?

b. In how many are they indigenous to that country?

4. Explain the following:

a. Which country has the tallest Hardwood?

b. Where is it growing?

c. How tall is it?

d. Which country has the tallest flowering trees?

5. Into what groups are Eucalypts divided and what feature is used for this purpose?

6. How do Eucalypts adapt to

a. Frequent bush fires?

b. Arid regions?

7. Explain the following:

a. From what species do they extract Eucalyptus oil?

b. Where is it done in Australia?

8. Name ways in which Eucalypts help man, animals, birds, insects.

9. Make a collection of 15 different species of Eucalypts that you can identify and draw or trace or collect the fruit of each showing date and place and name of collector.