AY Honor Fire Building & Camp Cookery Requirements used by North American Division

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Fire Building & Camp Cookery

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Fire Building & Camp Cookery
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1. Lay five different kinds of fires and know their uses. Two of these fires must be cooking fires.

2. Safely make wood shavings or fuzz sticks.

3. Show correct techniques for starting a fire.

4. Start a fire with one match and keep it going for at least ten minutes.

5. Know and practice fire safety rules.

6. Show how to correctly and safely cut and split fire wood.

7. Start a fire on a rainy day.

8. Demonstrate simmering, boiling, frying, baking bread on a stick, aluminum foil baking, reflector oven baking.

9. Know one method of keeping food cool while camping other than with ice.

10. Know ways to keep your food and utensils safe from animals and insects.

11. Why is it important to keep your cooking and eating utensils clean?

12. Showing knowledge of proper nutrition and food groups, make up a complete and balanced menu for six camping meals. Include the following:

a. A breakfast, lunch, or supper good for a trail hike where light weight is important. The meal should not need cooking but should be nutritious.
b. The remaining five meals may be made up of any type of food: canned, fresh, frozen, or dried. One of the five must be a one-pot meal.

13. Make up a supply list of items that will be needed to prepare the above six meals.

14. Know how to properly and safely handle food, dispose of trash and garbage, and wash your gear.