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Flag Football

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North American Division

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Flag Football
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North American Division
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1. Know the basic rules of flag football as presented in the SDA - SARC rulebook (Seventh-day Adventist - Sports Activities Rules Committee).

2. What is the meaning of “Good Sportsmanship?”

3. Make a drawing and label the parts of the flag football field with the dimensions of each.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of flag football by developing three offensive and three defensive plays, and try them in an actual game.

5. During practice, demonstrate the skills required at the following positions:

a. Quarterback

b. End (left and right)

c. Center

d. Halfback (left and right)

e. Pass Rusher

f. Safety

g. Middle Linebacker

h. Cornerback

i. Outside Linebacker

6. Review the meaning of the referee signals as represented in the SDA-SARC.

7. Review the penalties for each infraction listed in the SDA-SARC.

8. Describe the rule adaptations for flag football that are changed from tackle for safety reasons for each of the following:

a. Fumbles

b. Punting

c. Rushing the quarterback

d. Muffed ball

e. Blocking

9. Define the following terms:

a. Snap

b. Pass

c. Down

d. Formation

e. Huddle

f. Incompletion

g. Interception

h. Tackle

i. Touchdown

j. Conversion

10. Practice the following skills:

a. Catch the football while using proper form and technique, both stationary and running.

b. Practice three pass patterns such as post, fade, or curl.

c. Using the proper form, practice passing the football to both a stationary and a running target.

d. Perform three of the running skills: slant, cut, spin.

e. Demonstrate the proper grip, shoulder position, and acceleration while receiving a handoff.

f. Demonstrate proper grip, stance, and eye movement during the long snap.

g. Combine all areas of offensive and defensive strategies and game play into a game of 6 on 6 flag football.

h. Demonstrate the skills necessary to defend against a pass.

i. Apply defensive strategies of man to man and zone coverage into a game of flag football.

j. Demonstrate the proper formation and execution, both offense and defense, of a punt.

11. Participate in at least five regulation games of flag football, demonstrating sportsmanship while incorporating all offensive and defensive skills learned.

12. Discuss the physical benefits of being active in team sports and what is gained from playing as a team.

13. Cooperate with other players to improve the team’s playing skills.

14. Read Galatians 5:19-25. Which list of character qualities best describes a Christian coach, player, and spectator? How are the good fruits obtained?

15. Discuss with an individual or a group the problems facing a Seventh-day Adventist youth considering sports in junior high, high school or college. What alternatives are there that allow for continued activity in sports?