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General Conference

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Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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Approval authority
General Conference
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1. Describe what a flag is and list three uses of flags.

2. Know and locate the following parts of a flag:

a. Canton

b. Field

c. Finial

d. Flagstaff

e. Fly

f. Fly end

g. Halyard

h. Hoist side

i. Truck

3. Know three important guidelines for the care and handling of your national flag.

4. Learn how to and practice folding your national flag.

5. Practice proper etiquette when saluting your national flag.

a. In uniform while standing.

b. In uniform while marching.

c. In Field uniform.

d. While wearing headgear.

e. When not in uniform.

6. Draw the Pathfinder flag with emblem.

a. Learn who designed the Pathfinder Flag and who sewed the first Pathfinder flag.

b. Color your drawing with appropriate colors.

c. Know the meaning of the Pathfinder emblem.

7. Draw the Christian Flag.

a. Explain what the colors represent.

b. Know what the emblem represents.

8. Learn how to and practice placing flags (National/State/Province, Christian, AY, Pathfinder) for each of the following occasions:

a. Campsite when camping.

b. Platform for Special Ceremonies.

c. Church Service for Induction, Investiture, and/or Pathfinder Sabbath.

d. Fair Booth.

e. Pathfinder/AY Club meeting.

9. Learn and share with your group the history of your country/island’s flag and what the colors and symbols on it represent.

10. Identify the flags of your Division and know what countries they represent.