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1. Define the following words:

a. Genealogy

b. Ancestor

c. Descendant

d. Spouse

e. Sibling

2. Read the genealogy of Christ.

a. Be able to tell where it is found in the New Testament

b. Write out the genealogy of Christ – beginning with Adam

3. List five ways to obtain family genealogy information.

4. Know at least three societies that help with genealogy research.

5. Learn four steps important to genealogy research.

6. What is the purpose of documentation?

7. Define a primary source versus a secondary source for documentation.

8. Prepare a four-generation family chart – beginning with yourself.

9. List ways to record your genealogy information.

10. Research your family history by talking/writing to your oldest living relative. Ask the following:

a. First memory
b. When and where you were born?
c. First church you remember attending?
d. Names of schools, and location, you attended.
e. Where you lived at age ten and age fourteen.
f. From what country did our ancestors emigrate?
g. Where and when were you married.
h. If you had children please give their names, place and date of birth.
i. Write a thank you to your relative for their time and include a photo of yourself and ask them if they would be willing to share a copy of an older family photo with you.

11. Make a historical record of your life including:

a. Genealogical chart

b. Records that pertain to your life

c. Pictures

d. Stories

e. Share this with your group/club/school

12. Visit a City/County Library – Genealogy Section (or other Genealogy Research Center) and write a paragraph on your visit including:

a. Types of information available
b. Any New information you discovered about your family

13. Visit a cemetery and learn by copying the headstones:

a. The names of three different families
b. The dates of birth and death for these family members
c. The average length of life for these family members

14. Check with your local cemetery officials to learn how upkeep is done and ask them how you can help with clean-up in a cemetery in your area. Then do it!