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Health and Healing

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Health and Healing
Health and Science
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The Bible is full of examples of healing and the importance of being in a good state of health. Learn about how you as a Pathfinder can assist others in living healthy lives and being healed.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

5. Do one of the following:

a. Be a candy striper or a page in a hospital or medical facility.

b. Visit a medical or dental office and do the following:

(1) Observe the areas of operation, such as the business office, laboratory, examining rooms, x-ray room, etc.

(2) Be introduced to the equipment used in the office.

(3) Learn the steps of an office visit from when a patient comes into the waiting room until the time he leaves the office.

(4) Learn how the doctor does an examination from the taking of the patient's history to the diagnosis.

c. Go on a visit with a home nurse and do the following:

(1) Learn the steps of a home visit from when the nurse finds out about the patient to when the nurse reports to a doctor.

(2) Observe the nurse taking the vital signs.

(3) Observe the nurse giving instructions and medication.

d. Visit an outpatient department of a hospital, such as physical therapy, x-ray, laboratory, etc. Do the following: