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Internet - Advanced

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Internet - Advanced
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In this advanced honor you are no longer just a consumer of internet content but rather become a content creator -- creating and maintaining a relevant website.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

7. Individually or as a family, unit, or other group, develop a functioning website. All the pages of the website should be “linked” together so that someone visiting your “Homepage” may click to each of the other pages on your website. The website should be composed of no less than 4 pages. The website should include:

a. A welcome page that states the reason for the website & includes at least one image or photograph.

b. A photos page that shows activities/events you, your family, or group have enjoyed.

c. A guest book or contact page where people can “sign in” that they have visited OR where a contact email address is listed where people can email you when they visit your website.

d. A links page to other websites that you enjoy. This page should contain at least 8 links.

e. If your page is for Pathfinders/Youth group/Church or similar organization, create a calendar page that contains upcoming events.

f. Maintain the above website for at least 3 months. Keep the website information current by changing and editing the content often (Add pictures, update the calendar, etc.).