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LEGO® Design

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North American Division

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LEGO® Design
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North American Division
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1. Know the following terms:

a. Element

b. Stud

c. Brick

d. Plate

e. Base Plate

f. Tile

g. Slope

h. Inverted Slope

i. Hinge

j. Technics Brick

k. Power Functions

l. Minifigure

2. Build and/or find examples of following types of scale models:

a. Micro Scale (a range of scales where the size of a person is smaller than a minifigure)

b. Minifigure Scale (builds proportioned to the size of a standard minifigure)

c. 1-to-1 Scale (actual size)

3. Choose one of the following:

a. Build a 1-to-1 scale model of something from nature, your home, church, or school. Then share your model with your group or club.

b. Build a scale model of your house, apartment, or other building in your community. Be sure to include large furniture items like bed, stove, refrigerator, sofa, & dresser, etc. Then share your model with your group or club.

4. Build a scene or an item from the Bible using LEGO® in one of the scale sizes from Requirement #2.

5. From your imagination create your own design, using at least 10 pieces, in 2 of the 5 categories below and share both designs with your group or club.

a. Car, truck, or other land vehicle.

b. Plane, helicopter, or other aircraft.

c. Ship, submarine, or other watercraft.

d. Animal or plant based on a real species.

e. Machine, appliance, or robot (without power functions)

6. Choose one of the following:

a. Use LEGO® as visual aid in a children’s story for youth ages 2-9 at church, Sabbath School, or equivalent group setting.

b. Use LEGO® as part of a school project.

7. Write a 250-word paragraph, or in a 3-5 minute presentation to your group or club, tell how you can use LEGO® to witness to those that don’t know about God.