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Household Arts
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1. Why is it important to read the labels in garments before laundering them?

2. What is the proper way to prepare clothes for washing?

3. What types of clothes should be washed in hot, warm, and cold?

4. What precaution should be used when using chlorine bleach? What are the advantages of powdered oxygen bleach? Why should chlorine bleach and ammonia never be mixed?

5. What precautions should be taken when using liquid fabric softeners?

6. What points are to be considered in selecting a washing machine, dryer and iron? How should these items be cared for?

7. How are woolen and wool like garments laundered?

8. Know how to remove the following stains: ink, fruit, rust, grass, cocoa, grease, blood, chewing gum. Why must stains be removed before laundering?

9. Why is it important to remove garments from a dryer immediately when the cycle is complete?

10. Know what type of materials should be dried only on the lowest heat setting of a dryer.

11. Show a blouse or shirt that you have properly ironed.

12. Properly launder and fold clothes for your family for one week.