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Literature Evangelism

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Literature Evangelism
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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General Conference
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1. From the Bible and writings of Ellen G. White, write a summary, at least 250 words in length, on the importance of the use of literature in leading people to Christ.

2. Name five essential qualifications of a colporteur.

3. How is the colporteur supported?

4. What four steps are taken in the sale of a book or magazine?

5. Briefly outline how to arouse an interest in purchasing a book or magazine?

6. Know how to meet objections to purchasing a book or magazine.

7. Do one of the following:

a. Maintain a literature rack for four months, keeping a log of which books are the most and least popular.

b. Do a project of house-to-house or mail distribution of literature in your community for ten hours. Include in the literature a response card for addi­tional literature, Bible studies, and/or a Bible correspondence course.

c. Engage in selling Seventh-day Adventist books and/or magazines during a period of at least five weeks, for at least 20 hours each.

d. Do a project of distributing religious books to local government officials. Spend at least ten hours on your project.

e. Do a project of supplying religious literature to patients in a hospital or nursing home. Spend at least ten hours on your project.
f. Make a project of supplying a year’s subscription to Liberty magazine to the judges and/or lawyers in your community. Raise the money or get con­tributions for the gift subscriptions.

g. Make a project of sending literature and/or Bibles to the mission field. Part of this project is collecting the literature and/or Bibles, determining where to send the material and packaging and sending the material.