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Model Railroad
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1. Give the history and development of model railroading.

2. Tell the difference in how the following prototype motive power units operate:

a. Steam

b. Diesel

c. Electric

3. Know the name, scale, and track gauge for four model railroad gauges.

4. Know the shapes and names of at least eight track plan arrangements.

5. Know at least six points to check for the maintenance of a model railroading layout.

6. Identify and explain the use of:

a. Five types of freight cars

b. Three types of passenger cars

c. Three types of steam engines according to their wheel arrangement

d. Two types of grade crossing warning devices

e. Two types of railroad signals

f. Five types of railroad-related buildings or structures

7. Know the meaning of the following model railroad terms:

a. Ballast

b. Blind drivers

c. Block

d. Bolster

e. Crossing

f. Crossover

g. Double header

h. Draft gear

i. Flange

j. Frog

k. Gap

l. Gauge

m. Grade

n. Gravity yard

o. Hot box

p. Insulated rail joiner

q. Journal

r. Layout

s. Mainline

t. Prototype

u. Rail joiner

v. Reverse loop

w. Siding

x. Spur

y. Switch

z. Machine

aa. Talgo truck

bb. Truck

cc. Turnout

dd. Two-rail

ee. Wye

ff. Yswitch

gg. Yard

8. Construct a portion of a model railroad layout. In your construction, do the following:

a. Assist in assembling the framework
b. Install a section of ballast
c. Install a section of track
d. Install at least one turnout, including the wiring
e. Assist in making scenery, such as trees, rocks, mountains, or grass
f. Make one model railroading building or structure
g. Assist in the wiring to supply electrical power to the tracks

9. Successfully operate a model railroad train on the layout you have assisted in building.