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Mountain Biking

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North American Division

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Mountain Biking
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Learn basic maintenance skills to fix and maintain a mountain bike, such as adjusting drivetrain, brakes and saddle, cockpit setup, cleaning and lubrication of moving parts and changing a flat tire.

2. Explain and demonstrate a safety check on a mountain bike including all individual components.

3. Demonstrate several riding body positions, bike-body separation and proper braking. Explain when each skill will be used.

4. Explain and show the differences between a road bike, crossover bike, high level mountain bike and entry level mountain bike.

5. Demonstrate the function and advantages of dropper seat posts, hydraulic brakes and full suspension on a mountain bike.

6. Demonstrate and explain the difference between platform and clipless pedals. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of both cleats and flat-soled mountain bike shoes (5.10, Teva).

7. List at least three materials that mountain bike frames are made from and explain why new materials are always being tested for mountain bike frames.

8. Explain differences between single track, double track and fire roads.

9. Give the definition for the terms “hardtail” and “full suspension” and explain the differences.

10. Describe the basic trail safety rules and International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) rules of trail etiquette.

11. List three basic pieces of safety equipment that should be worn when mountain biking. Explain how to do safety checks on each and how to fit each piece properly.

12. Know the three most common injuries in mountain biking accidents and how to prevent these injuries from occurring.

13. Demonstrate how to properly clean and lube your bike after you ride it.

14. As part of a group worship/devotional service, discuss the analogies of traveling a mountain bike trail with traveling a Christian path.

15. Complete the following riding requirements. All rides must be done on some sort of off-road trail, like single track or double track. A given trail may be used for more than one ride or repeated to make a ride long enough to meet the requirements (if needed). Fire road use should be kept to a minimum.

a. Four 5-mile rides
b. Two 10-mile rides