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1. Define the following terms:

a. Orology

b. Mountain

c. Mountain range

d. Magma

e. Volcano

2. Tell three ways mountains have been formed.

3. Choose ten mountains, including 2 from near where you live, and tell what each one's name is, what its height is, where it is located, and what mountain range (if any) it is a part of. Try to choose mountains from as many different countries as possible.

4. Match each description to its correct answer:

Description Mountain
(1) Underwater mountain range that goes around the world (a) Aconcagua
(2) Highest mountains of each continent (b) Mt. Everest
(3) Highest mountain in South America (c) Himalaya
(4) Tallest mountain on earth (d) Mt. Mayon
(5) Worlds longest mountain range (e) Ocean Ridge
(6) Highest mountain in Japan (f) Damavand
(7) Highest volcano in Asia (g) Mt. McKinley
(8) Indians call it Denali, “The Great One” (h) Seven Summits
(9) Mountain known for its “perfect cone” (i) Andes
(10) Range with the highest mountains on earth (j) Mt. Fuji

5. List at least four mountains mentioned in the Bible and tell what important events took place there:

a. Ararat

b. Mt. Carmel

c. Mt. Sinai

d. Mt. Nebo

6. Do the following activity:

a. Visit a mountain, and tell about your experience in one of these ways:

i. Tell someone a story about your visit

ii. Write a narrative story about your visit

iii. Make a video or Powerpoint presentation about your visit

iv. Make a picture scrapbook about your visit (this may be a group project)

b. If there is NOT a mountain in your state/province, you may watch a video about mountains.

i. summarize the video

ii. Create a multimedia presentation about the video

iii. Create a 3-D model of a mountain/volcano and demonstrate its eruption.

7. Choose one of the following verses about mountains and recite it:

a. Psalm 90:2

b. Isaiah 52:7

c. Isaiah 55:12

8. Create a game or activity based on the terminology and mountains learned about in this honor.