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South American Division

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South American Division
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1. Define what is papercraft or paper modeling.

2. Make a list of at least five papercraft methods.

3. What are the necessary materials for papercraft?

4. What is the most used grammage (indicated) for printing/designing the models? Why shouldn't glossy or photo paper be used?

5. What are the best types of printers/printing style for the models to have a high quality?

6. Define the following terms:

a. Tabs or flaps

b. Fold lines

c. Lamination

7. Construct a Biblical character in cube form, using your own design.

8. Construct two of the following models:

a. Transportation (car, plane, boat, etc.)

b. Construction (house, building, bridge, etc.)

c. Animal

d. Person or character

e. Musical instrument

9. Construct a Biblical scene or a scene from a story with a moral (it can be your own creation or acquired from magazines or Internet). Use the models to present a reflection/devotional for your unit or Sabbath School.