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Pinewood Derby - Advanced

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Pinewood Derby - Advanced
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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General Conference
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1. Have the Pinewood Derby honor.

2. Know the Pinewood Derby race regulations for your district, area, or conference.

3. Be aware of the following:

a. Cars shall not ride on any kind or type of springs.

b. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in or on the car.

c. Official number must be clearly marked and visible.

4. Review tool safety.

5. Know the various ways to prepare and finish your project:

a. Sanding wood

b. Filling holes

c. Sealing new wood

d. Coloring wood

e. Gloss finishes

f. Enamel finishes

g. Stain finishes

h. Wax finishes

i. Acrylic finishes

j. Water colors

k. Leather look on wood

l. Découpage

m. Forged foil

6. Know the principle meaning of friction and how it can effect the performance of your car.

7. Know the three best ways to reduce friction on your car.

a. Axle lubrication

b. Aerodynamic design

c. Smooth finish

d. Proper wheel/axle clearance

e. Reduce wheel shaking

8. Know the three theories of weight distribution and how it could affect the performance of your car.

9. Design and build to completion the following (not previously built):

a. Basic car kit with complete exterior finish

b. Deluxe/fancy car kit with complete exterior finish and decals

c. Be creative by building one of the following: tank, submarine, airplanes, piano, ice cream sandwich, fire engine, vege-link, school bus, baby carriage, and etc.

10. Use details on your project such as steering wheel, driver, decals, and etc. as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, and weight specification.

11. Participate in a club, district, or conference sponsored Pinewood Derby event with a current car.

12. Define and practice good sportsmanship as it relates to your Christian walk.