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Postcards - Advanced

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General Conference

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Postcards - Advanced
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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General Conference
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1. Have the Postcards honor.

2. How is the history of your city or state/province/region told in postcards? Collect postcards (or pictures of postcards) that illustrate events or distinctive scenery found in your area.

3. Explain what you have done to preserve your postcards. (Postcards from the basic honor)

4. What is the latest development in postcards?

5. What are the present regulations for sending custom made postcards through your local post office and getting the postcard rate?

6. Make a collection of at least 150 postcards. (No two postcards alike.) Your collection should include the following:

a. At least 2 postcards depicting significant historical or cultural heritage in your area/region.

b. Postcards from at least different 20 states/providences/countries.

c. At least 25 cards on the same theme (mountains, beaches, waterfalls, travel, religious, seasons, sports, animals, hobbies, art, et. al.).

7. Do two of the following:

a. Create your own postcards. Mail 5 of your personally created postcards in order to encourage someone.

b. Copy a map of U.S. and/or world map showing where your postcards are from and display at an event. Display your postcards of your choice topic. (You do not need to display the entire 150 postcards)

c. Create a game using postcards as game pieces.

d. Create a digital album or media presentation that illustrates the history or scenery of the cards in your collection (minimum 30) in more detail.