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Preach It - Advanced

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Preach It - Advanced
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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Complete the basic Preach It honor.

For tips and instruction see Preach It.


Participate in a Media type evangelistic series:

While there are other options, this Honor seems to be written with the http://sharehim.org/ program of multimedia sermons in mind. ShareHim offers complete multimedia sermon series that lay preachers can use in many languages with minimal customization required by the speaker. The program also sponsors coordinated evangelistic efforts involving multiple volunteer teams and speakers in various countries. It is not uncommon for a series of meetings to result in dozens of baptisms even with a first time speaker because ShareHim has developed multimedia evangelism into a science and God has blessed the program. They are always looking for volunteers, so contact ShareHim and Preach It!


In any country

You may choose to do this honor as part of a mission trip abroad or at home.


Preach at least 6 of the sermons in that series

The practical application of this honor. May God bless your series.


Read Evangelism pp 628-683 The Worker and His Qualifications.

Ellen White's book Evangelism can be purchased from the Adventist Book Center or it can be read online at The White Estate for free - just look under books.


Other recommended reading
  • “Winning with People” by John Maxwell
  • “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson