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Red Alert

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Red Alert
Health and Science
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Tell what you should do to prevent injury and/or possible loss of life in the following situations:

a. A fire in your house, a neighbor's house, and a public building

b. If you are stranded in a car in a blizzard or desert

c. Motor vehicle accident

d. Earthquake

e. Flood

f. Tornado

g. Hurricane

h. Thunderstorm

i. Atomic emergency

j. Rock or snow avalanche

k. Your boat or canoe capsizes in open water

2. When telephoning for help in an emergency situation, what essential information should be given and who should hang the telephone up last?

3. Demonstrate what emergency first aid measures you should take in the following situations.

a. Someone's clothes catch on fire

b. A severely bleeding wound

c. Someone is choking

d. Someone swallows poison

4. Do the following:

a. Draw an escape route for your family in case of fire in your home when your normal exits are blocked.

b. Practice with your family a home fire drill.

c. Discuss with your examiner the procedures for safely getting people out of your church and school in case of a fire. Consideration should be given as to how to prevent panic.

5. What should you and your parents do to prevent abduction of children in your family? What should you do if you are abducted?