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Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy
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1. What is renewable energy?

2. Why is renewable energy important?

3. Describe how each of the following sources is used as a renewable source of energy. Draw an illustration depicting the usage of at least 3 of these renewable sources of energy.

a. Wind Power

b. Bioenergy

c. Geothermal Energy

d. Hydropower

e. Ocean Energy

f. Solar Power

4. Individually or as a group, discuss some of the earliest forms of renewable energy. Are there energy forms that might have been used before sin? By Noah? By the patriarchs?

5. Individually or as a group, show at least five important events in the history of renewable energy through:

a. Presentation
b. Video
c. Interactive game
d. Speech
e. Display

6. Discover the source of most reusable energy.

7. What are some commercial and industrial uses of renewable energy?

8. Why have many governments invested in renewable energy sources? Be able to cite at least two examples.

9. What are some of the issues facing the use of renewable energy? What are some of the advantages and potential disadvantages of moving away from fossil fuel energy sources to renewable energy?

10. Individually or as a group, build, not from a kit, a device to harness some form of renewable energy. These devices may include:

a. Potato clock
b. Solar or wind powered motor
c. Hydropower lift
d. Your choice

11. Brainstorm a list of at least four Biblical texts/stories that illustrate the use of renewable energy.