AY Honor Signs, Signals and Symbols Requirements

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Signs, Signals and Symbols

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Approval authority

North American Division

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Signs, Signals and Symbols
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Be able to define the following words and give an example:

a. Semiotics

b. Signs

c. Symbols

d. Signals

e. Parables

2. Explain how the concept of symbols, signs and signals are alike and how they differ from each other.

3. Look up the following Bible verses and, for each, identify the symbol, sign or signal in the verse and what it represents:

a. Genesis 8:11

b. Genesis 9:13-15

c. Exodus 12:7-13

d. 1 Samuel 20:32-40

e. Psalm 23

f. Matthew 13:3-9, 19

g. Mark 15:17

h. Luke 15:8

i. Acts 2:20

j. Revelation 13:2

4. What symbols are used for Pathfinder Club, AY Society or church/ministry? What are the reasons these symbols are used?

5. Signs along highways and roads communicate information. Draw or photograph two examples of each type of sign mentioned below. Create and participate in a game using these signs (matching, scavenger hunt, puzzles, etc.).

a. Signs indicating a traffic regulation

b. Signs containing a cautionary message

c. Signs containing information

6. Compile a list of signals used in your community to communicate in the following situations. Within a group, role-play two of the following situations:

a. Signals used to perform a task (such as get in place for a drill event).

b. Signals used between adults and young people to help accomplish a task (such as a whistle in a drill down, hand motions and gestures to set up a campsite).

c. Signals used to communicate with someone who cannot speak or who communicates in a different language than you speak.

7. Read a parable from the Bible. Using signs, symbols or signals you have brainstormed, create a modern-day parable that communicates the same message as the Biblical parable.