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1. Do one of the following:

a. Collect, identify, and preserve at least 16 species of spiders. Place on each specimen bottle a label showing the locality and date of capture and the spider's common or scientific name.

b. Make colored drawings or paintings of at least 16 species of spiders, life size or larger and in natural coloring. Label each with its common or scientific name.

c. Take color photos of at least 16 species of spiders. Identify each picture as to its locality, date taken and the common or scientific name of the spider.

2. What is the largest member of the spider family?

3. Write or give orally a description (forty words or more) of a spider that has gained notoriety in your region.

4. Give three ways in which spiders differ from insects.

5. Make a careful drawing of an orb web.

6. What other kinds of webs are there besides the orb web?

7. What do spiders eat? Make a list of victims found in spider webs.

8. For what is a spider web useful?

9. Find two references in the Bible to spiders and their webs.

10. What are the chief enemies of spiders?

11. How do spiders:

a. Help us?

b. Hurt us and our property?