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Swimming - Advanced

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Swimming - Advanced
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Prologue: Receive the American Red Cross Level VII Advanced Skills or YMCA certificate or equivalent in Advanced Swimming OR pass the following requirements.:

1. Swim a coordinated and effective stroke continuously for the following strokes and distances:

a. Elementary backstroke for 50 yards (45.7 meters)

b. Breastroke for 100 yards (91.4 meters)

c. Inverted breaststroke for 50 yards (45.7 meters)

d. Sidestroke for 100 yards 91.4 meters)

e. Overarm sidestroke for 100 yards (91.4 meters)

f. Tudgen stroke for 50 yards (45.7 meters)

g. Back crawl for 100 yards (91.4 meters)

h. Crawl for 100 yards (91.4 meters)

2. Do the following dives in good form:

a. Standing front dive

b. Running front dive

c. Pike surface dive

d. Tuck surface dive

3. Do a survival float for ten minutes while fully clothed .

4. Do a survival stroke for ten minutes while fully clothed.

5. Do a surface dive and swim underwater for ten yards.

6. Swim continuously for 30 minutes using one or more styles of swimming. Hanging onto the sides (resting) or touching the bottom with the feet is not permitted.

7. Know the causes and prevention of accidents that can occur in or near the water.