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The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

16. Do at least two of the following activities:

a. Visit an exhibit or conservatory of coniferous tree species.

b. Make a collection of at least 5 types of coniferous tree leaves.

c. Visit a zoo where there are animals typical of the taiga biome.

d. Watch a DVD or video about the taiga or plants or animals that live in the taiga.

e. Draw or paint a picture of something you had fun learning about while studying the taiga.

f. As a group, make a short video about a real life taiga conservation project. Explain why this specific habitat should be saved.

g. Visit a lumber store and learn to identify by their grain texture at least 3 species of trees that grow in the taiga.

h. Visit the Taiga and take pictures of some of the plants and animals.