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North American Division
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1. Learn and share six historic highlights on the origins and development in the game of tennis.

2. What were tennis balls once made of and how are they made now?

3. Name two types of courts used in tennis.

4. Name and identify styles of racquets from pictures or real equipment. Describe how they have changed.

5. Learn the scoring system in tennis, including game, set, match, and tie-breaker.

6. Explain the two types of basic games in tennis. Draw a scale diagram of the court and mark the boundary lines for doubles and singles.

7. Learn the etiquette of the game. Use at least two Bible texts to show how game etiquette compares to a Christian standard of living.

8. Demonstrate a forehand, backhand, and overhead serve with an instructor.

9. Play four games of doubles or singles to practice keeping score. Practice hitting and learn the boundaries.

10. Watch two instructional presentations on tennis serves and tennis strokes. Share with a group what you learned.

11. List some of the benefits that can be expected when adopting tennis as a regular activity.

12. List some of the challenges of tennis as a daily exercise routine.

13. How can tennis be used to witness as a Christian?