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North American Division

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North American Division
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1. Classify three types of tents and how to put them up. List their advantages and disadvantages.

2. Describe the materials used in tent making.

3. Identify the classes of tents for the purpose intended and most well-known tent producers.

4. Choose a specific tent model that you would like to purchase and justify your choice.

5. Demonstrate how to prepare a tent for rain and wind. List rules for finding a place for a tent.

6. Put up and then take down a tent in the following situations:

a. Inclement weather

b. At night

7. Tell the safety rules for living in a tent.

8. Demonstrate how to repair a tent in the following situations:

a. Torn or a burnt hole in the tent wall

b. Broken pole or arch

c. Torn zipping or grommet (eyelet)

d. Seam separation

9. Know how to keep and properly care for tents.