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Three Angels' Messages

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North American Division

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Three Angels' Messages
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

1. Read and memorize Revelation 14:6. How can you be a part of sharing the love of Jesus with those who live on the earth? Complete one of the following:

a. Work with your club/unit to develop and carry out a plan to spread the gospel where you live.

b. Share your Sabbath School lesson with a friend and report back to the club.

c. Share God's Word by giving out printed materials or sharing digital resources.

d. Write a blog or create a podcast telling what the love of Jesus means to you.

2. Read the first part of Revelation 14:7. Using Scripture, explain to a friend or family member:

a. The Biblical meaning of the phrase "fear God" and why we do not have to be afraid of God.

b. How Christ's love for us is demonstrated in the judgment.

3. Read the second part of Revelation 14:7. Spend a Friday night or Sabbath afternoon worshiping God in nature. Write a prayer or poem that shows your appreciation of the Creator God and the day He set aside for worship. Examples:

  • Observe the stars and constellations
  • Visit a park, ocean or nature center
  • Take a walk in the woods and journal your thoughts

4. Read Revelation 14:8 and the first two paragraphs of Chapter 36, "The Impending Conflict," in The Great Controversy, or an adaptation for younger readers. Demonstrate the meaning of the fall of Babylon in one of the following ways:

a. Make a chart with two columns. On one side, list examples of the truths of the Bible. On the other side, show the ways Satan has distorted these truths. Be able to explain why the Biblical truth shows the mercy and grace of a loving God Who has designed principles for the well-being of His children.

b. Create and perform a skit illustrating the battle between "the religion of the Bible and the religion of fable and tradition" (Great Controversy, Chapter 36, paragraph 2).

c. Make a short video explaining the symbolism in the second angel's message.

5. Read Revelation 14:9, 10 (first part) and 12. Demonstrate your understanding of the symbols and their interpretation by creating a report, poster or multimedia presentation that is supported by Scripture and the writings of Ellen G. White, and includes:

  • The symbolic meaning of the beast, the mark on the head and the mark on the hand
  • Key events in history that lead to the identification of the beast
  • The contrast between the Lamb and the Beast (what are the marked differences between the principles of God's kingdom and the principles of Satan's kingdom?)
  • The confidence we can have in Christ as our Redeemer and the winner of the cosmic battle

6. Take part in a discussion about the relevance of the three angels' messages to your life today. How could they affect the choices that you make? How can they affect your interaction with others?

7. Come up with your own song or creative way (use rhythm, actions, skit, role-play, art project, etc.) to communicate the three angels' messages. If possible, make it into a group project. When you are finished, perform for a group.

8. Create and display a scene of the three angels flying in the sky through an art project of your choosing.