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1. Know what the best types of materials are for dyeing and how to prepare them for dyeing.

2. Know what the purpose of the Soda Ash is and how long the fabric is to soak.

3. Know the purpose of the Urea that is mixed with the Dye.

4. What safety equipment should be worn when mixing up the dye for Tie-Dyeing? Why?

5. Determine what the three primary colors are.

6. Verbally describe what primary colors of dye will be needed to make the following secondary colors. Orange, Green, & Purple.

7. Verbally describe what the outcome will be if two secondary colors are mixed.

8. Use a Kleenex tissue & colored marker to demonstrate two different types of folds one could do on a T-shirt.

9. Once you have seen the outcome of the different folds you have created on tissue, fold & dye an item for yourself. Bandana, t-shirt, pillowcase, etc… Always keep in mind, no two items will be identical, nor will they be perfect. Each item will be as unique as the individual who made it.

10. Wear or bring this item to the next meeting for your club members to see.