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Toy Boat Regatta - Advanced
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Artisan Master Award

1. Have the Toy Boat Regatta honor.

2. Draw a schematic of a pop pop boat (sometimes known as putt-putt boat) showing pertinent features and how they function. Show options of a looped tubing engine (copper coil engine) and a diaphragm engine.

3. Describe what happens to liquid water when it turns to steam and demonstrate this phenomenon using any experiment of your choosing.

4. Describe what happens when water steam cools and demonstrate this phenomenon using any experiment of your choosing.

5. Describe how a pop pop boat engine utilizes Newton’s first law of motion.

6. Make at least one pop pop engine boat utilizing recycled materials powered by one tea-candle for a heat source.

7. Modify the pop-pop boat in the previous requirement or make multiple pop pop boats to determine how changes to capacity of reservoir and/or diameter of tubes affect the boat’s operation. Hypothesize the outcomes before experimenting on the modified boat(s), evaluate the performances, and document the results.

8. Participate in an organized pop pop boat race using a pop-pop boat you have made to complete this honor.

9. Use the Biblical dimensions of Noah’s Ark, independently theorize how much the animals and other cargo could have weighed. Remember to consider the weight of the wood used in ship building. If possible, compare your assumptions and answers with others working on this honor. Based on that available weight for cargo, how many animals could have fit on the Ark using your assumptions?