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Travel - Advanced

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Travel - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Earn the Travel honor.

2. View a travelogue program not previously watched, of a unique location you would like to visit.

3. What safety considerations should you think of when traveling?

4. What health recommendations or requirements are recommended by your country’s health depart/office when traveling internationally?

5. Create a 7-day international trip plan for a “family vacation”:

a. Create a 7-day planner and include:
i. A description of one historic site to visit
ii. A list and description of two natural sites to visit
iii. A description of one recreational site to visit

b. Create a 7-day budget for the “family vacation” and include projected financial figures for a “family group” of four people:
i. Round trip airfare to that country
ii. Automobile Rental (economy/compact)
iii. Legitimate gas costs (remember that many countries list gas prices per liter)
iv. Determine an average per night hotel expense
v. Determine an average per day food expense
vi. Budget costs for sites you plan to visit
vii. Legitimate souvenir expenses
viii. Include 10% for miscellaneous expenses

6. Write a 100-word description or discuss in a group what you think traveling around in Bible times was like.

Discussion topics might include:

a. contrasting distances traveled then vs. now
b. expectations of what you'd have available to you at your lodging (bathing, beds, # of people lodging together, etc.)
c. food eaten during a journey (no refrigeration or grocery stores back then)
d. why you would travel (recreation vs. necessities)