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General Conference

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Ultimate Disc - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval Authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction


1. Earn the Ultimate Disc honor.

2. Read and understand the newest USA sanctioned rules and regulations.

3. Display a proficiency and understanding of both offensive and defensive positions for playing Ultimate.

4. Define and play all positions in a zone defense, and understand how to break a zone:

a. Cup

b. Mids

c. Deeps

5. Demonstrate proficiency in throwing the disk:

a. Bounce Pass

b. Shovel Pass

c. Hammer

6. Define the dimensions of a regulation playing field and end zones, and demonstrate an ability to set up markers and cones.

7. Define the following terms and playing circumstances:

a. Laying Out

b. Strip

c. Brick

d. Pull

e. Handler

f. Turnover

8. As a team or individual, develop a plan to practice outreach while completing the requirements for this honor. Possible options should include the following:

a. Post notes on bulletin boards and online, and place classifieds in newspapers inviting community participation

b. Have prayer before and/or after each game

c. Exhibit “Spirit of the Game” both on and off the field

d. Encourage healthy lifestyle choices both on and off the field, and encourage appropriate behavior and language

9. Practice throwing/catching and offensive/defensive drills and learn how to play smaller scale versions of the game as practice with fewer players, including “Hot Box”.

10. Play three collegiate pick-up games or a sanctioned USA Ultimate league game.

11. Become a member of the Ultimate Player’s Association, http://www.usaultimate.org, or compete in a USA Ultimate-sanctioned tournament.