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1. Describe the current FIVB rules and mention the eight major rules of volleyball.

2. What does the expression "fair play" or “clean game” mean especially to a Christian?

3. Define the following terms:

a. Ace

b. Assist

c. Attack

d. Bump

e. Carry

f. Lift

g. Dig

h. Dink

i. Double hit

j. Dump

k. Five-One & Six-Two

l. Free ball

m. Joust

n. Kill

o. Libero

p. Match Point

q. Middle hitter

r. Opposite hitter

s. Outside hitter

t. Rotation

u. Service / Serve

v. Set

w. Spike

x. Time out

4. Demonstrate and understand the different skills required for each position of volleyball.

5. Demonstrate reasonable proficiency in the following areas:

a. Underhand Serve

b. Overhand Serve: The Floater

c. Passing

d. Hitting

e. Blocking

f. Setting

g. Rolling

6. If a beginning player, spend at least 4 hours learning and improving your volleyball skills from a more experienced player. If an experienced player, spend at least 4 hours helping a less skilled or younger player improve their skills in volleyball.

7. Play at least ten games of volleyball with a full team (6 people). Show "fair play" during practice and games.

8. Report through a paper, skit, or other display about a famous volleyball player. Talk about why you think this player is a good role-model for a Christian.

9. Draw a to-scale volleyball court with properly defined boundaries. Label the dimensions including net height, sidelines, end lines, attack line, and center line.

10. Discuss, with your leader, pastor or teacher, the problems faced by the Seventh-day Adventist young person who wishes to compete at the secondary and college level. What alternatives are there to allow continuous involvement in the sport?

11. Discover and evaluate what Ellen G. White has to say about the proper use of competitive sports by Christians.

12. Share at least one spiritual lesson that you have learned from your experience with a volleyball team.