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1. Relate briefly the history of whistle making and tell why whistles were invented.

2. Explain the importance of conservation in regard to whistle making.

3. What do the seasons of the year have to do with making a willow whistle?

4. Name two (2) trees that make the best whistles and why. List three (3) other trees that can be used to make whistles.

5. Give a brief description of the following styles of whistles:

a. Tube Whistles

b. Pan Whistles

c. Flute Whistles

6. Name five (5) types of modern whistles and their uses.

7. What modern musical instrument is a sophisticated whistle?

8. How does a whistle work?

9. What is the most common equipment used in making whistles?

10. Explain the importance of wood grain in whittling a whistle.

11. Why must the size of the holes and chamber be proportional to the amount of airflow?

12. How do you tune a whistle?

13. Demonstrate that you can make a two-handed whistle using your hand and a piece of grass.

14. Demonstrate the technique and try to accomplish a whistle using your hand(s) or fingers.

15. Review and demonstrate the proper first aid and safety rules for the usage of a pocketknife.

16. Know how to sharpen a pocketknife using a whetstone or oil sharpening stone.

17. Make the following whistles:

a. Pan (Tubes) whistle

b. Flute Whistle

18. Learn to play a simple song on each whistle you have made.