AY Honor Wilderness Leadership Requirements

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Wilderness Leadership

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General Conference

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Wilderness Leadership
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Have the following honors:

a. Backpacking

b. Camping Skills I-IV

c. Fire Building & Camp Cookery

d. First Aid

e. Hiking

f. Orienteering

2. Know and practice the principles of health, safety, and rules of conduct to be used when in the wilderness with a youth group.

3. Know and demonstrate the principles of signaling and rescue.

4. Assist in planning and participate with a group in a mock demonstration of what to do if lost, stranded, or injured in the wilderness. Assist in planning and participate as a leader in a search and rescue operation involving a hidden "injured" person.

5. Demonstrate some skills necessary for wilderness leadership in one of the following areas:

a. Tropical

b. Desert

c. Swamp

d. Mountain (rocks, ice, high altitude)

e. Temperate forest

f. Plain and tundra

6. Understand and demonstrate wilderness and camping etiquette regarding the preservation of the outdoors.

7. Identify in the wild, prepare, and eat ten varieties of wild plants.

8. Learn some of the wilderness leadership qualities of two of the following:

a. Moses

b. David

c. Elijah

d. Joshua

e. John the Baptist

9. Lead a group in a weekend wilderness camping experience, applying the principles and skills learned in this honor.