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Wood Handicraft

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General Conference

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Wood Handicraft
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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General Conference
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1. Identify at least five common kinds of wood, such as pine, walnut, oak, and cedar.

2. Know the characteristics for the woods identified, and know one use for each example.

3. What is the difference between hard and soft wood?

4. Know how to properly use the following tools in wood handicrafts:

a. Coping saw

b. Rasp

c. Plane

d. Knife

e. Chisel

f. Sanding block

5. Know at least two safety procedures for each of the above tools.

6. Cut out, assemble, and finish animal bookends or doorstop.

7. Cut out and finish a garden stake or lawn marker, using a design such as a child, bird, flower, or tree.

8. Make a plaque, tray, notebook cover, or some other useful object in which wood burning is used.