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Requirement 1

Be 11 years old and/or in grade 6 or its equivalent.

The Companion level has been designed to be within reach of a person in the sixth grade or higher. It should be challenging, yet achievable for a child at this point in his or her formal education.

Requirement 2

Be an active member of the Pathfinder Club.

The requirement to be an active member of the club is easy to brush over, but consider what it means. An active member is a youth that participates in the spiritual, mental, physical and service activities. It means showing up for meetings and completing the classwork and honors expected. It means following the Pathfinder Law and being a good representative of the club.

Requirement 3

Learn or review the meaning of the Pathfinder Pledge and illustrate its meaning in an interesting way.

How to Teach

The Pledge should be recited during a Pathfinder Club's opening exercises at the beginning of each meeting. By the end of the Pathfinder year, every Pathfinder in regular attendance will know it by heart without any effort on the part of the instructors (or the Pathfinders).

Pathfinder Pledge

Pledge Meaning
By the grace of God Only as I rely on God to help me can I do His will
I will be pure, I will fill my mind with that which is right and true and spend my time in activities that build a strong, clean character.
I will be kind I will be considerate and kind, not only to my fellow men, but also to all of God’s creation.
I will be true I will be honest and upright in study, work, and play and can always be counted upon to do my very best.
I will keep the Pathfinder Law I will seek to understand the meaning of the law and will strive to live up to its spirit, realizing that obedience law is essential in any organization.
I will be a servant of God I will pledge myself to God first, last, and best in everything I am called to do.
and a friend to man. I will bless others and do to them what I would have them do to me.


An illustration is something that clarifies or proves a point. Its literal meaning is "to cast light upon." Jesus illustrated many truths through His parables - stories which helped people to understand His message. The requirement to illustrate the meaning of the Pathfinder Pledge is an opportunity for the Pathfinders to use their imaginations. There are many approaches to illustration, including:

  • Art projects
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Diorama
    • Sculpture
    • Comic book
    • Collage
    • Poster
  • Drama
    • Skit
    • Movie
    • Puppet show
    • Mime play (silent acting with narration or music)
  • Other
    • Photography slide show
    • Sign Language
    • PowerPoint or compatible multimedia presention
    • Blog post with text and pictures

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Requirement 4

Read the book The Happy Path or similar book on the Pledge and Law if not previously read.

The Happy Path is a 128 page book of stories by Lawrence Maxwell published by the Review and Herald. There are 16 chapters themed to the lines of the Pathfinder Pledge. Pathfinders can read it for themselves or use the book in club worships. The book should be available through your conference youth department. It is also available for free in pdf in these and other locations:

Requirement 5

Have a current Book Club Certificate and write at least a paragraph of review on one book of your choice.

The book club reading list is regularly updated with new books released by Adventist publishing houses. Check with your conference youth department or see here

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Requirement 1

Know the composition and proper use of your National Flag.

This requirement corresponds to Requirements 1-3 of the Christian Citizenship honor where this wikibook provides country specific answers.