The NAD Team has come up with a list of honors that can possibly be earned at home during the COVID-19 shut-down.
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El liderazgo de la División Norteamericana he creado una lista de especialidades que posiblemente se pueden desarrollar en casa durante la cuarentena del COVID-19.
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Achievement Classes/Guide/Outdoor Life

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Guide/Outdoor Life

Requirement 1

Go on a two-night pack camp. Discuss the equipment to be taken.

Requirement 2

Plan and cook in a satisfactory manner a three-course meal on an open fire.

Requirement 3

Complete an object of lashings or rope work.

Requirement 4

Complete one honor not previously earned which can count towards the Aquatic, Sportsman, Recreation, or Wilderness Master.

This Wiki has pages for each of these Master Awards listing the honors that meet this requirement.

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Requirement 1

Complete the Wilderness Master.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Wilderness Master Award.